The service is available only for users of course. The subscription service provides every day the chance to participate in a game of knowledge for the price $ 699/dia (VAT included). Automatic Renewal. Service for over 18 years you will get a unique access to the daily game of knowledge through the web portal bSmarter: BSmarter The portal is also available on mobile devices that support HTML.
The service promotes expansion bSmarter general knowledge of the users, through the experience of the game. Many studies have shown that this is one of the most effective ways to expand the knowledge of users, learn new facts and ideas and train the brain to raise the intellectual level.
You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an SMS with the text message to the number 35565 EXIT. By doing this, the subscription will be canceled, it will close your account on the web portal bSmarter and can no longer access the service. If you need help, please contact our call center through the number 018005182912
To encourage subscribers to improve their results and expand their knowledge, service bSmarter gives awards to outstanding players. For more details on the selection process of the best players and the awards please read our Terms and Conditions The next date for the selection of the best player and the award is 30/09/2013.
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