20 Top US Drop-Shipping Suppliers

Whether you’re dropshipping on Amazon, eBay, or your own store, finding reliable suppliers is an essential part of building a robust business that lasts.

Many sellers use sites like Alibaba and AliExpress, but if you’re looking closer to home, there are some great US dropshipping suppliers out there. Whether you simply want to support local wholesalers and cut shipping times, or you’re worried about how coronavirus will impact dropshipping from China, dropshipping suppliers in the USA can address your needs.

Here are 20 of the best.

Don’t overlook US drop-shipping suppliers! They offer excellent value and you can avoid some issues that come with shipping items from China.

1.  National Drop-shippers

Who they are: Another Better Business Bureau A+ rated US dropshipping supplier, National Dropshippers sells apparel, cellphones, cooking utensils, kitchen accessories, luggage, fragrance and mugs.
What they sell: A total mix!
Established in: 2002
Based in: New Hampshire

2. ASI Partner

Who they are: ASI Partner sells IT hardware and software products wholesale. With over 500 employees across its 13 warehouse locations in the US and Canada, it’s an ideal supplier for dropshippers. The company currently carries over 20,000 products and its current top sellers include the likes of MSI laptops, Asus Notebooks and ViewSonic monitors.
What they sell: IT products
Established in: 1987
Based in: California

3. BryBelly

Who they are: Selling established brands alongside their own value products, BryBelly is another dropshipping supplier in the USA that offers a wide array of items. The company’s inventory includes games, toys, beauty products, party supplies, sporting goods, kitchenware, hair extensions, casino supplies and pet supplies – the list goes on. Once you’ve done your product research, you’re more than likely find what you’re looking for here.
What they sell: A total mix!
Established in: 2004
Based in: Indiana

If you’re looking for US dropshipping suppliers with a wide-ranging inventory, Brybelly is definitely one of the best. [Source]

3. Sunrise Wholesale

Who they are: Sunrise Wholesale has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Working on the wholesale side of dropshipping since 1999, it has a huge variety of products from electronics and tools, to home decor and toys.
What they sell: A total mix!
Established in: 1999
Based in: California

4. TeleDynamics

Who they are: TeleDynamics is happy to dropship its business and consumer electronics around the world. Its catalogue features over 8,000 products, many of which are made by big brands like Panasonic and Motorola. If you’re looking for a dropshipping supplier in the USA that sells electronic items, they’re TeleDynamics are a fantastic option!
What they sell: Electronics
Established in: 1981
Based in: Texas

If you’re looking for a US dropshipping supplier for IT devices, ASI Partner is one of the best! [Source]

5. ParkFlyers

Who they are: Specializing in radio control toys and gadgets, ParkFlyers sells toy helicopters, trucks, cars, drones and boats. It’s an ideal US dropshipping supplier for anyone setting up an online toy store. It’s worth noting they charge a dropship fee, however.
What they sell: Toys
Established in: 1999
Based in: New Jersey

7. Buy 2 Bee

Who they are: Buy 2 Bee has an extensive catalog of clothing for men, women and children. It offers high-end brands, such as Ugg and Hugo Boss.
Using the Shopify app or its own API, Buy 2 Bee’s dropshipping service can be integrated with your store so all product information and images sync automatically. Alhough shipments can come from either of its warehouses in Milan or Los Angeles, all returns can go to its US base.
What they sell: Clothing, shoes and accessories
Established in: 2010
Based in: California

If you’re looking to sell clothing ,Buy 2 Bee is an excellent option. [Source]

8. Wholesale Fashion Square

Who they are: Wholesale Fashion Square sells seasonal women’s clothing, as well as activewear, accessories and plus-size products. This is another of our US dropshipping suppliers with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
What they sell: Clothing
Established in: 2006
Based in: California

9. FootwearUS

Who they are: FootwearUS has been a privately owned manufacturer and wholesaler for over 40 years. As one of the oldest US dropshipping suppliers, it offers comfortable and affordable wide-width shoes, as well as fashionable footwear. Some major trademarked brands feature among its product offering too. FootwearUS offers a ‘blind’ dropshipping service, meaning customers won’t know that their orders have come directly from the FootwearUS warehouse. It also provides free shipping to US addresses.
What they sell: Men and women’s footwear
Established since: 1977
Based in: New Jersey

10. Fashion Stories

Who they are: Fashion Stories designs and manufactures gold and silver-plated jewelry for women. Their products include earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches and bracelets. Working with hundreds of dropshippers, the company offers international dropshipping from its base in New York. Be careful when selling jewelry on Amazon, however! You’ll require their approval first!
What they sell: Jewelry
Established in: 2007
Based in: New York

11. Alpha Imports

Who they are: With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Alpha Imports in New York is a US dropshipping supplier that specializes in wholesale jewelry and gemstones.
What they sell: Jewelry
Established in: 1988
Based in: New York

12. FragranceNet

Who they are: To date, FragranceNet has fulfilled more than 30 million orders for its beauty products. It boasts an inventory of over 17,000 brand name fragrances, skincare, haircare, make-up and candles. Promising that the FragranceNet name won’t appear on any dropship packages, its US shipping rates start from $6.95.
What they sell: Beauty products
Established in: 1997
Based in: New York

Dropshipping suppliers USA: Fragrance NetIf you’re selling beauty products and you’re looking for a US dropshipping supplier, Fragrance Net is a well established wholesaler with a great track record. [Source]

13. Beauty Joint

Who they are: Los Angeles-based Beauty Joint provides cosmetics, haircare, skincare and accessories for dropshippers. However, there is a $19.95 joining fee, as well as a monthly fee of $45 to access its stylish selection of products.
What they sell: Beauty products
Established in: 2010
Based in: California

14. I&I Sports

Who they are: I&I Sports sells products related to martial arts, airsoft, fishing and paintball. It accommodates dropshipping for US-based sellers using their own website and social media to drive sales. But unfortunately for sellers on Amazon and eBay, this supplier’s service doesn’t extend to marketplaces.
What they sell: Sporting goods
Established in: 1984
Based in: California

15. Whitney Brothers

Who they are: Around since 1904, Whitney Brothers is one of the oldest US dropshipping suppliers on this list. From infants to school-goers, the company’s products cater for children of every age. It supplies cribs, changers, playhouses, toys and children’s furniture.
What they sell: Children’s products
Established in: 1904
Based in: New Hampshire

Whitney Brothers have been selling children’s products as a wholesaler since 1904! [Source]

Whitney Brothers

16. Arett

Who they are: Headquartered in New Jersey, Arett dropships products throughout the USA, providing customers with garden, home and holiday supplies.
What they sell: Home and outdoor living
Established in: 1951
Based in: New Jersey

17. Pet Stores USA

Who they are: Specializing in dropshipping services, Pet Stores USA’s Cincinnati warehouse holds over 2,500 pet products. They offer everything from crates and collars, to beds and bird baths.
What they sell: Pet supplies
Established in: 1965
Based in: Ohio

18. VIG Furniture

Who they are: Describing itself as “online retailer friendly”, VIG Furniture Inc supplies home and office furniture. It specializes in contemporary Italian designs with containers frequently arriving from Europe. It has over 6,000 items available in its warehouse everyday, so it is dropshipping ready.
What they sell: Furniture
Established in: 1998
Based in: California

US Dropshipping Suppliers: VIG Furniture VIG Furniture is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA for furniture. [Source]

VIG Furniture

19. Mod Made

Who they are: Mod Made provides wholesale contemporary furniture worldwide and dropships to the The contiguous United States. Though they’ll check for a valid resale certificate and tax ID before partnering with anyone.
What they sell: Furniture
Established in: 2008
Based in: California

20. Aspire Home Accents

Who they are: Aspire Home Accents is a wholesale supplier of home decor. Set up with online sellers in mind, it prides itself on being a reliable dropshiping supplier. It goes out of its way to address dropshippers’ needs and guarantees thorough product information, professional photos, reliable shipping, high quality packaging and accurate inventory updates.
What they sell: Home decor
Established in: 2011
Based in: California

Final thoughts

While Chinese suppliers can be great for the prices they offer, you will find some top quality drop shipping suppliers in the USA as well.

The items you source from US drop shipping suppliers might be slightly more expensive than their Far Eastern counterparts, but they often make up for it on delivery costs, speed and service.