Book Description
A collection of over 150 cartoons from ComputorEdge Magazine by Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning about the trials and tribulations of using computers and the Internet. Cartoons include Death getting his identity stolen, nagging PDF files, the biker gang’s Web designer, eBay for dogs, Apple iPokes, user-unfriendly software, and many more silly technological situations.
This book represents over three years of brain straining and pencil breaking in order to grind out one cartoon per week. By now, some of them may seem dated, but at this point so do we. (Interestingly, things have not changed that much after all.) Looking back at the cartoons in this book, it is noted that some of them are really stupid while a couple are quite clever. We’ll leave it to the reader to figure out which is which. If one of these frames makes you smile (or even groan), then we have done our job. As of this digital printing we continue to pump out one cartoon a week at ComputorEdge Online.