GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride created this term in 2004 to describe the plethora of health problems which stem from an unhealthy gut. Since developing the GAPS Nutritional Protocol Dr. McBride has been receiving leters from GAPS people from all over the world. These stores were writen by real people, who have overcome their real health problems. Everyone of these people feels that they have learned very valuable lessons on their healing journey: lessons which they are keen to pass to others who may be struggling through the same difficulties. Use these stories as case studies to study how to progress through your personal healing and hw to deal with problems that you may have to face on the way.
There is nothing more valuable than real life experience! When you have lived through something, fought the battle and won, you know what is true and what is false, what works and what doesn’t. Many of these stories are humbling: the kinds of horrific problems that people have had to deal with are hard to imagine for the majority of us. Yet, these wonderful people tell their stories with such humor and such grace! (Taken from the back cover of GAPS Stories).